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 A Different Kind Of "Help" Page

"Would you like some help with those bags?"

"Can I hold that door for you?"

It's nice that people like to help elders, but what we really want is to be able to help others. That's what makes us feel the best. Elderhood.com tries to make that happen more often.

So what would you expect from our help page? We let you help us!

Afterwards, we provide a place where you can ask for our help.

We'd appreciate your help with some of the topics in our upcoming book, Claiming Elderhood  We think you'll enjoy the experience.

Please answer the questions that move you and press the "send" button when you're done.

Thanks for your help,

Rick Kamen



We're in the process of updating our website. The best way to reach us is to send an e-mail to ContactUs@HeirloomStories.com



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Pin Phrases

We'd like to give visitors a larger selection of phrases and designs to choose from for conversation-starter pins.

We currently offer the three pins on the left.

  • Can you think of other phrases you'd like to see us offer?
  • What backgrounds would you prefer?
  • Which colors?
  • Would you like to see any hobbies highlighted?
  • Are there any pictures or designs you'd especially like?


Your Favorite Things

Please tell us the things you enjoy doing these days that you couldn't do as well when you were younger.

Maybe you could have done them when you were younger, but didn't. Why? What changed?


What new talents have you discovered in yourself recently?


Is it easier for you to make friends as an elder?

Do you enjoy conversations more now?
Are you less nervous when you speak to a group?
Do you have more stories than you have ever had before?
Are you more accepting of different kinds of people?
Do you enjoy helping strangers more than you used to?
Do you feel people respect you more than they did a few decades ago?
Do listeners enjoy your stories more than they used to?


Would you like to comment on the above questions, share other thoughts about elderhood, or ask for our help?


A real person will respond to your questions or help-request within a business day if you leave a valid e-mail address.

We also may want to ask for more detail about some of  your responses to the questions above, so we appreciate a return address even if you didn't ask for help. We promise not to share your name or e-mail address with anyone.

E-mail address:
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Thanks for your help.

Don't forget to press the "Send" button below.





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